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Cubana Chief Priest Pays N10m Fine as EFCC Drops Charges in Naira Abuse Case

Cubana Chief Priest Pays N10m Fine as EFCC Drops Charges in Naira Abuse Case

In a noteworthy turn of events, the Federal High Court in Lagos, presided over by Justice Kehinde Ogundare, has struck out the charge leveled against popular celebrity bartender Pascal Okechukwu, widely recognized as Cubana Chief Priest. The case had come into the limelight in April 2024, when the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) arraigned him on three counts related to the alleged abuse of the Nigerian Naira.

Cubana Chief Priest stood accused of tampering with and spraying Naira notes during a high-profile social event held at the upscale Eko hotel in Lagos. The charges posed significant challenges for Okechukwu, bringing his highly visible public persona under intense scrutiny. During his court appearance on April 17, he maintained his innocence and pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The court subsequently granted him bail, setting the sum at N10 million.

Settlement Reached

Fast forward to June 25, 2024, and the landscape of the case took a different direction. Mrs. Bilikisu Buhari, the prosecutor from the EFCC, announced that a settlement had been reached. The settlement terms had been diligently negotiated between the legal representatives of both parties. Mr. Chikaosolu Ojukwu (SAN), representing Cubana Chief Priest, concurred with the terms, paving the way for a resolution.

The agreement stipulated that Cubana Chief Priest would enter into a bond with the EFCC to demonstrate good behavior moving forward. Further adding to his responsibilities, he was required to embark on an extensive campaign aimed at sensitizing the public against the abuse of money. This campaign was outlined to include regular bi-monthly videos that he would share on his widely followed social media platforms. These videos are aimed at educating his followers about the legal and social implications of mishandling currency, a practice that is not uncommon at flamboyant social gatherings in the country.

Financial Penalty and Court Decision

Additionally, Cubana Chief Priest agreed to pay a sum of N10 million to the consolidated revenue fund of the Federation as part of the settlement. This considerable amount serves not only as a financial penalty but also as a public statement against the personalization and mishandling of the nation’s currency.

With the settlement in place, Justice Kehinde Ogundare acknowledged the motion to withdraw the preliminary objection initially filed by the defense. The court’s acceptance of the settlement terms led to the charges against Okechukwu being formally struck out.

In his final remarks, Justice Ogundare cautioned Cubana Chief Priest, urging him to adhere to the agreed terms and underlining the importance of upholding the integrity of the national currency. The court's decision to strike out the case reflects the broader judicial approach toward resolving such matters through settlements that underscore accountability and future compliance rather than merely punitive measures.

Cultural and Legal Implications

Cultural and Legal Implications

This case highlights a unique intersection between culture and law. Spraying money at social gatherings, while festive and seen by many as a display of wealth and goodwill, runs counter to the laws governing the use of the Naira. The Central Bank Act clearly outlines permissible and impermissible uses of currency, aiming to preserve its integrity and prevent practices that could diminish its value or lead to counterfeiting.

Cubana Chief Priest’s involvement in public sensitization campaigns could potentially shift public perception and discourage similar incidents in the future. His influence as a public figure offers a unique advantage in spreading awareness and fostering a culture of respect for the Naira.

Influence of Social Media

Given Okechukwu’s vast following on social media, his commitment to posting educational content on this issue is expected to reach a wide audience. Social media, with its rapid dissemination of information, presents a powerful platform for such campaigns. By sharing these videos regularly, Okechukwu leverages his platform for a cause that benefits both the public and the economy.

Moreover, this approach aligns with broader trends where influencers and public figures are increasingly being called upon to use their platforms responsibly. With significant followings come significant responsibilities, and this case sets a precedent for how such influence can be redirected towards positive social change.



The case against Cubana Chief Priest highlights critical aspects of law enforcement, judicial process, and the role of public figures in shaping societal behavior. The settlement agreement serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to legal standards and the impact of educational campaigns in cultivating a mindful society. As Cubana Chief Priest embarks on this new role as an advocate for proper currency handling, his actions will undoubtedly be watched closely, serving as a barometer for the effectiveness of such judicial resolutions in driving positive outcomes.

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